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Thursday, May 19, 2011


People say I think too much. But it isn't usually uncalled for. I have to admit, I give most matters a deeper thought than the average person. I don't know why, that is who I have found myself to be. It has made me a tad cynical of things, but more importantly I realize that the true matter isn't 'things'. I realize in dealing with lots of issues, what lies underneath is the crux. We should not allow ourselves get carried away by the veneer that presents it self in the form of 'intelligent' sounding english words or 'facts',  basically high sounding nonsense. If you analyze most issues, you can see how universal the crux is, from marriages to crimes and punishment. 

What is it? I find that we Humans generally have a trust issue. We don't trust the system, We don't trust our government, We don't trust our spouses, we don't trust our friends. The government doesn't trust that people will hold them accountable so they behave any how. So many examples out there. But really what drives it?


Tee said...

There is no trust issue....just a growing culture of suspicion ~ Onora O'Neill

GamineGirlie said...

Suspicion = Lack of trust

lawwyy said...

iThink its our fallen nature,our self...a thought; Jesus trusted Judas even to betray him