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Saturday, May 7, 2011

This woke me up

So, I was sleeping jejely, When I began to hear...

Ijo shinaaaaaaaaaaaaaere shinaiwo le jo,e mi le joIwo le jo, emi le jo Shina o Shina o Shina oAfro juju o

My uncle was blasting it, I began to smile and ofcourse, memories of yesteryears began to flood my mind. Dancing to Shina Peter at Parties, and just having fun! Good times.

Here are some Clips, you go fear dance ooh!! hehe


jemimahnaa said...

I can relate!!! i love Shina!! Afro juju king. i got Afro Juju on ma phone...all i gotta do is listen to it wen i'm feeling down or in a grouchy mood and next tin u know i'm moving to the rhythm on ma chair and guy had some moves tho!