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Friday, May 27, 2011

Sharing Donut Stories

I have a Love-Hate relationship with donuts, once upon a time, I ate so many I stopped eating donuts for close to four years, only recently had some, It can be nice. But would I encourage people to eat donuts? hmm I don't think so, I don't think I would be sharing them either...

I remember someone asking me why we need to preach to people and share the gospel. Even as a kid, admittedly while I enjoyed all the activities we had growing up as 'Christian' (eating donuts!) I didn't understand most of the bible, or the crux of it. But I never had doubts as to why we had to tell others about the Gospel. It is something we do all the time, in many aspects of our lives, so why would this be different. People have no trouble telling their friends about the Sales that are going on on the High street, especially when the friend didn't even ask. You just got a job, you are happy, you will tell people. It is as simple as that. If there is going to be a disaster in the house that you know about, you would definitely tell everyone in it to leave even though they don't see it coming, it's as urgent as that. If your father tells you, My dear don't forget to give your siblings the gift I brought before I come back, It is as direct as that...You would definitely do it too, if you love and trust your Father.

I really love this Donut Hole video we had as kids, I had the urge to see it recently and I googled it up, and Voila! Unknowingly it did teach me alot, plus we had good times acting out most of the scenes. Brings some tears to my eyes...we'd put a doll in a basket,tie ropes, stand upstairs and lower the basket down just like they did. Good times, I say!

Watching it again, it presses further the importance of Sharing the 'Good News', How barriers are broken down through Jesus. How EVERYBODY regardless of race, colour, gender, sexuality and all the barriers that man loves to put up is important, equal and above all Loved by God. All you have to do is to trust God and yes, that's the message of the Bible, 'I LOVE YOU, TRUST ME' God tells us. Why shouldn't I share this truth with people? infact it would be irrational not to tell everyone. Gonna share it all! because everyone without God is like a Donut with a hole right there in the middle.

Enjoy the Videos! Happy Children's Day!

My Blue Shoes

They deserve their own post now, haven assumed celebrity status. Most people seem to really like it, and some do not hesitate to tell me. It's like I instantly become stylish wearing them and I don't see a lot of people wearing blue shoes. I still remember when I bought them at a discount shoe store last year at a clearance price (don't blame me, blame the student in me). It was in the morning and I was trying to get to school for a workshop with a consulting firm, I was late but that was when the compliments began. After a while I put them away when I moved cities, and only busted them out about a month or two ago, and booyah! celebrity!
They are getting really worn now because of constant wear, I may need to find a replacement soon, but it's been a lovely time so far :). I love my blue shoes.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Something I love to do!

Make Smoothies!! ya. It is lovely I assure you! plus its super healthy! Remember to drink immediately. Don't try to 'save'

Berry Smoothie

  • Two Fingers of Banana
  • Blackberries
  • Blueberries
  • Strawberries
  • Milk
  • A Blender!

YUMMY!!! ^_^

Thursday, May 19, 2011


People say I think too much. But it isn't usually uncalled for. I have to admit, I give most matters a deeper thought than the average person. I don't know why, that is who I have found myself to be. It has made me a tad cynical of things, but more importantly I realize that the true matter isn't 'things'. I realize in dealing with lots of issues, what lies underneath is the crux. We should not allow ourselves get carried away by the veneer that presents it self in the form of 'intelligent' sounding english words or 'facts',  basically high sounding nonsense. If you analyze most issues, you can see how universal the crux is, from marriages to crimes and punishment. 

What is it? I find that we Humans generally have a trust issue. We don't trust the system, We don't trust our government, We don't trust our spouses, we don't trust our friends. The government doesn't trust that people will hold them accountable so they behave any how. So many examples out there. But really what drives it?

Monday, May 16, 2011

The Haunting

I woke up, it was dark outside, it was dark inside this shouldn't be I thought as my brain came to. Quickly I turned to my laptop, the blue light which indicated power was dark. No way! I shivered. I sprang up from the bed and ran out of my room, ''what is happening''! I screamed at the dark hallway. In a second a voice called, ''Nothing'' I reached for the light switch beside my door and flicked it, as the light flooded my room, my heart rate slowed and I smiled.
I am quite sure that NEPA will haunt me for the rest of my life. Living more than 20yrs in that kind of environment will do it to you too.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Books that must be read Pt 2

This is filled with so much revelation, you will be wondering why you never read it earlier!
please pick up a copy while you can. I only just started reading it and I don't want it to end.

John Stott used to be a leader under a number of posts at the church I currently attend. I didn't even know this until I googled reviews for the book. Awesome! this man is what we call a teacher. This book is one every Christian needs to read with immediate effect. I am still reading it also, it is profound. 

Whatever I Rip, I Shall Sew

I realized some time ago how wrong we get the idea of 'Sow and Reap' We always tend to look at things individualistically but its not always called for. We look at it in the view of Karma, but Karma doesn't exist. Bad things happen to Good people and vice versa. So what does 'Whatever you sow, you will Reap' mean? go back to the context it was gleaned from. A farmer knows all about sowing, he doesn't expect that when he sows rice, he will reap cocoyam, impossible. This act has nothing to do with what the farmer is going to harvest and take home at the end of the day. Sometimes all his crops fail and perhaps they are stolen, still what he sowed, didn't it reap the same plant?

Our actions are seeds and are the same and it's not about what you get at the end of the day like we have greedily come to accept. If you sow 10 naira into a hungry persons life and they can only eat once a day, think about how far 100naira would go in a day. You can't sow nothing and expect the person not to die of hunger. If you sow Fastfoods into your life, I wonder how you expect not to have diseases to reap. Also, if I sow anger, what will I reap..more anger and maybe irreversible damage, despite whatever good may come out of it at the end of the day.  This is a simple picture of what the Sow and Reap principle is all about.

For me now, I have to go about the business of sewing what I ripped. First of all my precious corduroy jacket, ripped at the front, ghastly. The relationships that are ripped or I ripped, I have to bear responsibility for sewing. As I sow and reap, so shall I sew whatever I have ripped.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Bank Holiday Revel! : Toon Land

 Yep, So I was back in the Land close to me heart, I missed that Geordie Lilt so much! Anyways, this time around I stayed on the opposite side of the river.

Now can you tell me, What the heck this thing is, Was this really necessary? In the nightime I'm sure it would scare the jeebuzes out of anyone.

Royal Wedding weekend, yes it was, and unlike others who flew into the 'capital' I flew out. But ofcourse, the image was going to be with me where ever I go...even Tesco.

Anyways, I managed to have some fun baking a cake with a friend, it is incredibly easy to do, when you've got everything needed to put it together. My job actually in this was to grate the Carrots, yes it was a Carrot Cake. I grated the Carrot and then crushed the walnuts, which we mixed with the Cake batter. My friend did everything else, Plus the cheese icing, I then decorate the top with Cinnamon powder and walnuts. 


Yum..sat in the fridge, couldn't wait for a taste

Three nice layers!

Hmmmm Delicious!!!!!!

Who remembers this?

Black Rice........Yes we made Black rice, Thai chicken and Thai pepper sauce which didn't work, so I had to make traditional Nigerian tomato SWEET!

Tried to have a barbecue the day before I left but the winds didn't allow it, I was practically freezing despite the sun.

This Looks like a bird...I'm sure it does! lol

Saturday, May 7, 2011

This woke me up

So, I was sleeping jejely, When I began to hear...

Ijo shinaaaaaaaaaaaaaere shinaiwo le jo,e mi le joIwo le jo, emi le jo Shina o Shina o Shina oAfro juju o

My uncle was blasting it, I began to smile and ofcourse, memories of yesteryears began to flood my mind. Dancing to Shina Peter at Parties, and just having fun! Good times.

Here are some Clips, you go fear dance ooh!! hehe

Friday, May 6, 2011

Not once did I think of Osama!

Yesterday was such a day! Lots of things happened in usual style. Any time on the tube is bound to be dramatic. I've narrated the main story else where, it was so hectic, I didn't spare a thought for current events happening in the world. As the day slowed, I suddenly found I had a lot of time left! but I was quite worn out, plus I was wearing the wrong thing for the temperature of the day. 

So I decided to go attend the Real Food Festival, thanks to some 'connections' I got a free ticket. It was some fun, I wished i had lots of money, I would have carried sacks of food home. 

I saw Foreign Cows up close and Personal! LOL

*No Comment* hehe

Healthy Chocolate....visit 'em

I saw Foreign Sheep for the first time! boy are they smelly or what!! 

I got to have a taste of Vegetarian Cake, Some chocolate, Fast breakfast made of yogurt, oats and berries. There were lots of meat, cheese and wine. Great place for extreme foodies. It was nice.

Soon after, I couldn't hop on the train guessed it, Peak Hours! na..I'm not rushing anywhere, I decided to wait. When it was over, I happily went on and made my way home :)Tired as anything but still filled with smilies, It was when I got online later that I realized Osama existed.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

With Gratitude, Painful Tears


I used to be very proud of the fact that I didn't cry often, despite being flogged or insulted. I thought I had it pretty set, there were only things when i'd cry that I never planned. Recently as God has been breaking me down, I have been shedding tears for 'no reason' and very often, daily. I also realized that I could tell the difference between my fake tears and real tears, funny eh. Of course everyone really knows when they are shedding crocodile tears or not. No. When you peel onions you will cry automatically though (the red onions more so than the white, put a spoon in your mouth to stop it ). 

When I cry genuinely, my eyes HURT, I don't know why, but since I have no control over these tears, It happens. I tried to google, to find if it was some condition, I can't even explain how it hurts, but it makes me never want to shed a tear again. Still, I am grateful for the ability to cry, I'm thankful that I am being broken down in many ways than I could imagine. I'm learning loads and I wouldn't have it any other way. If it has to hurt, so be it.

''I know that I've been,

Given more than beyond measure,
I come alive when,
I see beyond my fears
I know that I've been given more than earthly treasure,
I come alive when

I've broken down and given you control''

- Jeremy Camp ~ Beyond Measure


There is so much clogging my brain at the moment. Focus. Focus. I thought to myself. I was sat at the airport lounge trying to make my way back home. Home...Home, they called it. I wasn't sure. It was the only one I knew. My thoughts began to paint the picture. Noise. It was the noise I wanted to get away the most from. Its my fault i reflected, how did I allow him talk me into that number. We had some 'accidents'. Dirt. I never agree I have OCD, I just believe Humans arent meant to live in filth, plus I have to pick up after every single one of them, He doesn't help much. Pain. someone was always up to something, many days spent at the hospital I would gladly have back. Smell. urgh.

I sighed. Checked my watch, 1hr to board. Think of something else. I screamed within me. My name. they scream, I never feel prouder. Smiles. I could say without a doubt they are genuinely happy to see me. Hugs. I could be in those arms forever. My heart. bursts into songs at the sight of them and gives way to tears of joy. Pleasure. Undescribable.

Home. It's all I've got and I love it.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

My Look

This look is soo Me, I just had to post it. Plus I do have a look like this. I love everything from the blouse to the skirt and the satchel. I am a conservative gal so this works plenty for me.