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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Letting it out

I really do try with people... I really do, but I refuse to waste any more energy pursuing lost causes. What's the joy in a relationship if so much effort is put in with little return, no system can work like that without breaking down. Anybody that takes way more than they put in if they put in any effort at all, is just a looter.

There is so much in my personal and professional life I need to focus on, but first of all I have to let go of these people. The funny thing is, they don't add zero to my life and I've been kidding myself. oh well, looking on the sunny side, it wasn't always gloomy, but the drift sets in. I never can explain the drift, but I guess it happens, and after haven expended so much energy initially, when the drift sets in with such people, you just give up.

This is to moving on, enjoying life as it comes and looking forward to the next thing


jemimahnaa said...

lol..someone/people rily got 2 dear if value isnt being added n tehre are no future prospects the best option is to let go to avoid a pulling down..shikena