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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Bank Holiday Revel! : Toon Land

 Yep, So I was back in the Land close to me heart, I missed that Geordie Lilt so much! Anyways, this time around I stayed on the opposite side of the river.

Now can you tell me, What the heck this thing is, Was this really necessary? In the nightime I'm sure it would scare the jeebuzes out of anyone.

Royal Wedding weekend, yes it was, and unlike others who flew into the 'capital' I flew out. But ofcourse, the image was going to be with me where ever I go...even Tesco.

Anyways, I managed to have some fun baking a cake with a friend, it is incredibly easy to do, when you've got everything needed to put it together. My job actually in this was to grate the Carrots, yes it was a Carrot Cake. I grated the Carrot and then crushed the walnuts, which we mixed with the Cake batter. My friend did everything else, Plus the cheese icing, I then decorate the top with Cinnamon powder and walnuts. 


Yum..sat in the fridge, couldn't wait for a taste

Three nice layers!

Hmmmm Delicious!!!!!!

Who remembers this?

Black Rice........Yes we made Black rice, Thai chicken and Thai pepper sauce which didn't work, so I had to make traditional Nigerian tomato SWEET!

Tried to have a barbecue the day before I left but the winds didn't allow it, I was practically freezing despite the sun.

This Looks like a bird...I'm sure it does! lol