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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Nice Start

So I decided to learn how to sew, this far, I really haven't done any thing, but the week isn't over yet! hehe. I am also trying to get particular documents so I can apply for particular documents. Lots of phone calling, e-mails and what not, I'm kinda on the Anyways. the week started with a shine to it. I have started going to church, I really like the church my friend invited me to. I didn't take to it at first, but after a second try. It got me hooked, plus I also get to meet with some students in the afternoon and have a great bible study and food!! LOL. My uncle is even convinced I have ulterior motives involved in going, because its about fourty minutes by train to my house. Last Sunday was the last meeting for the year, so I made sure I was there. It emphasized the essence of Christianity.

After, there was a carol service at the main church. As usual, there was Handel's 'Unto us a child is born' ang  by the Choir, It does take me way back to my secondary school's music club at the carol night..More important though, was the message..which deserves a post on its own. It was preached by Rico Tice, he is an awesome, awesome preacher. He is instrumental in making me stay on at this church. When the service was over, while regretting why I left my ear-muff at home, we (I and some mates from the student fellowship) walked over to an Italian restaurant.

Food was great! Company was Great! I hadn't Laugh-Cried in ages!! I live for such nights. It was sad to leave, but mehn, I still had Fourty Minutes or more journey time to get home, and it was already 9pm. Said my bye-byes and went on. Just close to the station was a crowd and I wondered what was going on,

It was serious! took me way back to Estate days, Days spent playing chess in school. Some of all that happy go-lucky days *Sigh* With a large smile on my face, I went on my way home, Awesome Day! :)