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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Don't Ignore the Living

This morning, one of my friends, tweeted that she was watching My Girl, remember the movie? It brought tears in my mind, and the replay of a particular scene that never left my head for over 15yrs. I told her, I'd cry loads if I tried to watch, but deep down I knew I would look for it and watch it. I've been crying loads since. It just hurts it really does, especially someone like me, always quick to put myself in other people's shoes. It's heart breaking..losing someone so close. But Jamie Lee said something I didnt remember as a child, 'Don''t ignore the living' It's hard to remove our minds, from those who are gone, but nothing we do can bring them back. We should focus more on life and those who are living. 

Another aspect of the movie that brought tears to my eyes, was the love shared between friends at such a young age, there was no guile, oh how we long for that now. Its such a thing as heartbreaking as death, here you only have people with ulterior motives (for the most part) around you. When Jesus said we had to become like children, he wasn't talking for fun. We think we know so much as adults and our minds and heart tend to get clouded and hardened. Kids show the purest form of love you can get. I have to live with this reality and acknowledge those I hold dear and hold them dearer, living life. 

     With this I say Happy Birthday to my Friend, Tosin ^_^ hip hip hooray


jemimahnaa said...

Thank u sooooooooo muchhhhhhhh dear!!lol! still means a lot to me though i'm just seeing dis!! u a darl!!!