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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Strictly When I sleep

I've always had vivid dreams, and I will continue to have them. Gone are the days where I would look through my mother's book called 'Demonic Dreams' or something of the sort. Which was just a horror book that could give Stephen King a run for his money. These books written by 'Men of God' on how to decipher someone's dream. I didn't really take it seriously, but some of my dreams did scare me.
Some days ago after tweeting about some dreams on Saturday/Sunday night, My uncle walks into my room and says 'Let me teach you about Dreams' I was like O.o. My friend had called earlier and said he dreamt He died. I shook my head, ok let me see what this man wants to say. So I go with him.

He opens up a book and begins to read about REM and NREM sleep and the kind of dreams they induce..Yeah I'd read about all these before. More on how our dreams are interpretations or influenced by our day to day life, supressed thoughts and what not. I thought about the three dreams I'd had that day. One, totally random but involved someone I know but I've never seen physically, the second involved my older sister, her friend and their son, also an actress from a movie starring genevieve, she was quite wicked in the movie ad in my dream, she tried kidnapping the boy. It also involved tube-line, Metroplitan line, Picadilly e.t.c the third dream, was about acting in a Dojo (Remb Nicki Minaj video) in North London!! None of them has to do with any day to day living of mine, but they are obviously influenced  by a lot, nothing seems unfamiliar to be honest.

My uncle, goes on to say, God will never give us dreams, that cause fear, if he says he hasn't given us the spirit of fear, why would we have nightmares and then claim they are messages from God or something of the sort. You are100% more likely to die from anxiety than from the dream you had about dying.
The last dream I had was a combination of many things, but the main part I remember being about one of those I follow on twitter, or someone that follows me. He lives in a house with the number four, he has sisters (3?) younger or older not sure, Father wears glasses, He is secretly gay....I dunno why I would dream about this, is there someone that really exists with this description, I don't know. All I can say is I dream.

Latest Dreams, Alien ships, Icicles, Human crowd simulator, me running tracks and some 'Asian' girl asking me where I was from, ...HMMM

Update: I dreamt I sued T.M Lewin, I went to one of their stores in central London, and no one wanted to attend to me cause I was wearing a hoodie and jeans, basically smelled of 'racist'. HMM