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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Links of the day

I've been around the interwebs quite a lot this week and there are some links and articles, you really should go and read.

This is a documentary which should get all the press required! I don't understand why it shouldn't. These are the kinds of things that need to be constantly projected into people's minds. I was over at the Nostalgia Project on Facebook, and looking at pictures from the Biafran war, GORY. Totally unnecessary. But I realize more often than not, we are attracted to sleaze, to bad news, more than the seeming good things. This has to go EVERYWERE if we want to see a change.
The Imam and The Pastor

My point of view, is that for Open relationships to work, Both parties have to be completely insensitive, both in conscience and heart. You will be hard pressed to find someone like this who doesn't have mental problems.
Why Open Relationships just can't

In the spirit of Christmas, a nice video on how the story of Jesus's birth would play out in our world today.

I am a language Enthusiast, I've been creating mine since I can remember, born out of the frustration of only being able to speak one language fluently. Anyway, I really like this site, much insight into Caledonia.

I'm passionate about my heritage and who I am as African, therefore there are
100 things you should know about Africa

Beyonce, really?? I like her, but I don't like this and I don't like what it seems to portray

I like Twitter, and Nigerians tweet ALOT.
Twitter Activity

You know..Every 'Black' person NEEDS to read and understand this
The Dangers posed by Black Hair Products