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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Why is Death something sad?

I remember on an online forum PC, someone asked, Why is Death something sad? And the person said, personally they don't feel sad especially if it was a painless death*  This was my first post

Its either the thread-starter doesn't know the meaning of sadness or I am Losing 20p is sad enough, talk more a whole human being. I've never had anyone close to me who died a simple nice death, so i obviously cannot grasp what this person is talking about.I have been sad, even now, i still sigh, when i think of what they may have become (the young ones esp). I don't feel sad because i would miss their company, I feel sad mostly cause of the dreams they had, that someone or something snatched away from them. Death in itself is nothing, my uncle was saying the other day, Death is one of the closest thing to each and everyone of us. If one was to live in such fear, you'd die just thinking of it

Many posters, echoed the same feeling, that Death was something to feel sad about..that is..those who are still living, The dead person cannot feel what we feel. For me, it's the finality of it - the thought that I will never, ever see them again. Someone says which i totally agree with. Its the most final thing, that's sad enough.
and my last post was

He wasn't my friend but I feel a great deal of sadness. Sometimes I read these things in the papers, I get sad because people just die anyhow. But actually haven interacted with the persons seems to make it worse, somehow you wish you didn't even know them at all. Its easy to forget people even on online forums are actual real people like you, they die and you'll never ever ever see their words again. Thinking of their family.....ah *sigh*

The finality of it, Is indeed very sad.

Death will always be something sad for different reasons to many people. But do we allow it to eat us up? I think not. We owe it to those alive to live in the best way possible. Death is not something that will only happen to some people, It is a sure thing for everyone alive now 'You live to die another day', so while you still have your breath, LIVE. Life is Now.


jemimahnaa said...

We all know we gonna die sometime but the belief that we'l grow old and experience life 2d fullest is part of wat kips us goin,its sad wen a stranger dies talkless of a friend dies 'cos it makes d reality of death evident and its painful dat the person's life has been ended forever,we wonder wat he could have become and stuff like dat.we will NEVER see or spend time with them again and all we have of them is memories and we hope dey are in a better place.