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Friday, December 17, 2010

Reading Always helps

I woke up feeling all sorts of weird, my stomach...and when I don't feel alright in my body it tends to affect other parts of my life majorly, especially my thinking ability. But thankfully, if I can get to read I feel MUCH better. I may not be able to articulate thoughts properly..check the awkward 1hr conversation I had with a friend, was 50% Cool 50% Awkward. Anyways! I also learnt a couple of things from my uncle (EPA + DHA)omega-3, which I intend to put to good use in between him accusing me of suffering from rejection and that I shouldn't beg anyone...I can't say I'm devoid of emotions over the issue, I'm just disappointed and I'm angry with myself..ugh. I intended to blog about my research findings yesterday, but this condition..yah, I hope I feel way better when I wake up , much later today, I may even go outside for some fresh air.

So here I am, listening to a classical radio (Bach on now, quite somber) and clearing out my tabs! long story, but you get the picture, I need to have something organised!! my mind is a mess. I went a bit of blog hopping today, and decided to steal an idea from one of them blogs while i lamented the inability of mine to read or even bother about blogs which come in a black background and green text, throw in some purple flashing lights and red dots. Argh.

So anyhow, this is for you..
Links of the past present and future, enjoy.

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