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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Sharing you, Slaying me

Just a lil rant before my anger fades away.
Social networking sites, is a lot of things, many of which i like.
But over-sharers piss me off!

I remember tweeting quite vehemently on the matter, but my points
were directed at the fact that perhaps, you not only have to deal with
a break-up, you have to see it plastered all over the interwebs.

One minute you are their profile picture, the next minute, its someone else.
you have to deal with facebook status like 'I have found love at last'
Tweet messages like, @soandso i love you till i die, and plenty heart-wrenching
truths or lies or have-no-clues.

What happened to privacy, decorum? considerations.

I honestly don't know how people handle these things, but for me..
even though separation was mutual and amicable, i wouldn't want to see what they
are up to next and see it plastered all over the world.
it obviously wont be enough to 'un-friend' them, or 'unfollow' as the case may be,
because hey..its the interwebs, you are interconnected with others, and you will still encounter
the persons on one level or another.

Yeah you know you have to deal with people moving on, but i'm sure it would be just as annoying
if you saw them everyday, saw ur -ex (i hate this term) every single day, and in your house, with this person
all over themselves, imagine! lol

Solutions, Get off the SNS? i think not, (maybe for some people, not for me at this point)
I just think people should quit over sharing jo, and try to be considerate of their fellow man, that can't be too hard abi?
Over and out.