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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Ye are Gods!

I woke up this morning feeling like playing Black & White

Its a PC game, so many Video-game type jocks, won't like it. Its the closest feeling i got when i was 16 to being a god , pun intended! yes go pun!
You had the choice to be a good or bad god. Depends on your overall strategy, plus you had to keep in mind, you werent the only god in town.

I was bad at first, but i did some good deeds. I dropped people in the oceans, sent my minions to terrorize them.....kinda evil...woulda worked, but i felt 'bad'. Hearing their tiny cries 'We need food' 'We need offsprings' 'Help! my brother is lost at sea'

I saw how long they prayed at my altar for miracles.....i became a good god!! I was so fricking good, they began to take me for granted, my altars were abandoned, they ignored my minions, they didnt 'wow' at my miracles

Pretty ungrateful people! i had to sir things up.............then my PC crashed. >.<
All my hard work...Since then i havent had the opportunity to play the game, and my current PC just wouldnt do. If i manage to get a new PC asap, i would install it right after Alpha Centauri... #gamesthatchangedmylife