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Saturday, June 12, 2010


If you aren't catholic, or you just saw or heard this word for the first time, you'd probably think its a South American form of dance, one where you would 'ben-low' on the sands of a crystal blue beach. pretty picture eh. you would be right but I wish that's what I was talking about. *sigh*

Limbo is hell...on the edge they say. but it could be worse than the supposedly 'worst' thing. I was on the bus going to school (seems like i do a lot thinking on the bus these days) but limbo just popped into my head, I don't want to be in limbo I thought quite strongly. I love to know where I stand with people.

I don't like people that confuse me, those are people who are opaque and I cant really discern. People tend to drain me, but i know i have the right person when i get sparks of energy, even if they drain me after a while. But for folk who are opaque, they give me such a hard time.

I don't have time for time-wasters, like a South African song says, its either ngedwathanda or ngedwayeka, you either 'love' me or you leave me limbo.
Everything or Nothing.
Thank you.

Signed: MGNT.