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Monday, June 14, 2010

Life is wasted on people

Watched a movie at the Tyneside today, Greenberg..obviously not for everybody. i mean if dish dish bam bam is your kinda movie, Do not watch this!
I probably wont have watched this at a cinema but hey! it was student

Well, The movie is about a New-Yorker, recently out of the hospital after a nervous breakdown. He house sits in LA and finds himself in a desperate but very honest display of the human need to connect and not feel alone with his brother's 25 year old assistant. The plot is somewhat relevant, but way more interesting is all the beautiful awkward, and all too common moments of life that, well, just happen. Stiller has a haunting way of being neurotic and self-consumed, yet thoughtful and full of heightened awareness

I really did like it, there were odd moments of sexual stuff and nakedness.. i mean i was watching the movie with a guy friend..Awkward!! cos i still get really embarrassed about such.

Anyway,  laughed a lot, quit loudly too, i was convinced Stillers character was an INFJ with major OCD issues

The only low point was, popcorn was hella expensive..gawd!lol, and some old man, turned and spoke some geordie gibberish, i still don't to this moment know exactly what he was trying to complain about.

Recommended movie!