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Saturday, June 26, 2010

It usually comes together

Now that I'm at the finals of my Masters programme, I finally see how many things have come together and quite nicely too.

When i was much much younger, i never ever ever wanted to be a Doctor or an Engineer for example i knew things i didn't want to be, i knew things i didn't want to do, but i was highly confused on what to pick for University studies.

I considered, Human Psychology... I've always been interested in the mind, the way it works and how it affects all other aspects of us. But c'mon....Even though this is what my dad studied, my parents woulda been like..'Whaaaa' trust Naija parents.

I considered Vet Medicine just because i like animals,...Dogs especially...and certain breeds...imagine.. wasn't too serious a choice I remember when we found out Barty had a cataract i was like, i shoulda done this, ya know! hehe.

I considered Dentistry if i was to become a 'doctor' this was it...but to spend my days staring down #%^& mouths..i choked on my salad.

I considered, Architecture....yeah i've always known how to draw, very well..and i loved design, but i can remember my dad telling me 'it wouldn't get you a job'. I didn't understand then, but i understand now that it isn't exactly what you do in University, that gets you a job. I kinda still wish i had done this...but i probably wouldn't have made it through, because i dislike drawing within specifications. 

The other things i liked, were basically unavailable and my parents wouldn't have had it, I tried applying to schools in US, but i got lazy over the process. so i had to stick to what was obtainable. 

I.T was the big buzz word then..Anyways 7years after, I'm proud to be an Engineer. My Masters course finals, i am able to do something with Multidisciplinary Thesis is based on this.

I am working on Architecture, Product design, Graphic design, Psychology, Ergonomics, Adult Health, Management, Engineering processes... e.t.c its awesome
The only things that don't factor in here are Vet Med and fact my teeth are so bad, i have to use sensitive toothpaste at my age and stage...but who knows what would happen next...

oooh ooh I see the Sun, Hoppings fair...lets go!


blogoratti said...

Hey, keep up the good work and keep aiming high kiddo...cheers!
Bad teeth? tsk tsk :)

GamineGirlie said...


phunky said...

u go girl....congrats on ur finals...cant wait 2 see u back in 9ja....

jemimahnaa said...

lol:::::dentistry eh...m very proud of you dear..

Anonymous said...

congratulation !!!