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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Follow me, I Follow you.

It all started with Susan Blackmoore and her book, The Meme machine...then I watched her presentation on TED. I made notes on the book because it raised very interesting points. things that had never crossed my mind before...i love books like that. But no I didn't buy into all that was said, however something struck me. The propensity of Humans to Imitate and the Theory of the Memes it is indeed a strange thing i thought, we are the only creatures that imitate ourselves...even with the mega intelligent brain we have. What really is stopping us from harnessing this energy. Some say it is Adam's curse...

I also had a discussion with my Thesis supervisor when he was still my DE Context lecturer. We had been walking to the studio after a lecture at the Design School. The question that arose between us was..If Everyone had the tool wouldn't it be chaotic, i leaned towards Yes, at the point but now i'm sure. Yes, it could be chaotic, but it is easily avoided and yes also, Everyone has the tool. Everybody can innovate, Everybody can be Creative. Everyone can design something. Raw Energy is chaotic and if it isnt harnesseed and put through proper channels there in lies the danger.

I believe we need to wake up, take charge of our consciousness, return to subjectivity, Question things more often. I overheard one of my coursemates yesterday say 'Why do i like what i like?' it was really strange hearing that and i smiled, because i'd been reading a blog just a day before and had read such.

We need to let go and return to ourselves.