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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

On a positive note....

I had a weird day, what with getting lost, Then the Ghana-Germany game started and Ghana disgraced me with bringing Juju and not scoring a thing! glad they still went through sha. Then, i got another rejection email....Also the rice i try to boil turns into Tuwo shinkafa....


I was among those picked to speak at a TED-Like conference by Sense Worldwide in Lon. I feel like Chimamanda already. lolol. All expense paid and everything. 

Two things are going to make me stand out at the Conf..not that i don't already stand out and without trying.....I'm the only 'Black' person from my school, and possibly at the Conf.
Yeah you guessed it..

One, The Quality of my speech and how long i can hold a debate...oops i forgot, i will be speaking about my thesis question.

Two, Outfit!!

Wheew i'm tired.