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Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Massive day, Massive headache, Massive egos..i'm beyond spent! The only thing im capable of doing now, is eat, sleep and rant some gibberish. My headache well....take drugs or just sleep on it

Spent too many unintended hours doing project work, wanted to shed buckets at one point because i was tired of hearing people speak. I really just wanted to yell 'keep quiet please!!' but my head kept on pounding....

After that, after Four hours!! i managed to get to the Design Symposium, just in time for the Key-Note, glad i made that, sad i missed lunch

When it was over, hung out with a couple of coursemates over drinks and strawberry dipped in cream, nice..but i dont trust oyinbo food u see.

My head still pounding, i tell them i cant wait for the degree i walk away with stolen my bag. Well...not exactly illegal but i crashed the exhibition, it wasn't declared open yet, but hey i couldnt wait.and i didnt know. The only sad thing was the popcorn was salted. blaargh!

Anyways i came away with lessons and as i reflect they keep adding up.

One, check the weather before going out....i swear this is driving me crazy, cos its been as hot as hell today.
Two, Always carry food in your bag..........i suffered mild insanity due to lack of food, and nowhere to buy em
Three, Learn to network better.........the only way people knew i was there was cause i was the only 'Black' person.
Four, Everything the keynote speaker spoke she mentioned Nigeria, a plus in my books!
She's the kind of person i'd like to be when i grow up

Then on my way home i encounter Mr-Blast-from-the-past, saying stuff like 'i've not heard from you since'
I dont understand how someone who has your number can say stuff like that. I don't go around telling people 'i havent heard from you'..when i know fully well, if i wanted to hear from em, i would call.... amazing! You don't hear from people because you don't wanna, don't fake anything jo.

Anyways South Africa is about to play #worldcup What’s happening?
they better win, while i tuck in to enjoy the game with my popcorn.:(