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Friday, June 4, 2010

Love Potion


My friend says he is sure I must feel lonely. I like my friend, he got married last year, and believes we all should follow suit. But do some people ever stop to think for one second that not all must apply to everyone. I am still discovering who I am, as we all are. And one thing I have uncovered so far is, boy o boy, i don't like to waste my time with folk whom I cannot respect their minds. It kills me. People who haven't for one second, questioned anything. I don't understand how anyone could live like that.

Anyway, So he says I must need someone after a long day at school, to come back to and..well you get the picture. To be honest, at this point in time, I'd rather come back to a bucket of ice-cream and a cool bed, than anything else. I honestly don't think I'm lonely, but i do feel it would be really nice to have someone, maybe i am... But its not a matter of life or death. and i am not willing to compromise. I absolutely love Simon Cowell! #Random. lol

I was invited to a 'thing' at a club last night but in my usual fashion, weighed my options and opted out. I love my space, I love who I am uncovering. some think that's not enough, some reckon I'm untrue to myself..oh well. So i figured possibly the only way out of this would be to drink this potion, and yeh probably fall in love with the first human i see. If i see my local Pakistani Hip Hop Hooray, my own don finish o!


blogoratti said...

lol@local Pakistani Hip Hop Hooray...
feel you on the post though*

Dolly said...

lol your time will come when it comes, i see no point 'settling' just for the sake of it, as for the ice cream and cool bed, just as great comforter as any guy, better even

jemimahnaa said...

Pakistani try am nt dat m racist dnt tink it'd suit u dn dat google-adsense tin i tld u bout?u shld o,so u'll make sm cash n wire 2me

GamineGirlie said...

@Jemimahnaa the adsense stuff...its distracting really, i tried it.

@Dolly, better even...honestly.